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    Christina was extremely knowledgeable and education in helping me find a modern, fresh home. She really got a sense for my style and understood what would work for me and my family. I was looking for something very specific, open kitchen, tile floors, etc and she was able to help me find the perfect home.
    Apr 26, 2019
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    Jack !! The Wonderful is something I would start with..

    When I was looking for investment properties, I dealt with many realtors. Most of them came back and said , they will return you some part of their commission. But they were not ready to be with me by my side during the whole buying process .

    Jack.. I was introduced by a friend of mine .. was different from the rest. I remember before he spoke to me, he was ready with his home work of what a customer might ask while looking for a investment property. He was having all details of the demographics of the site he showed us, the business prospects - present and future & what not. I took only half a day to make my decision of buying my property.

    Jack is approachable 24/7. He is a smart worker. On a lighter note he doesnot believe in TGIF. If you want to talk to Jack, You dont have to think about the time and day .. just pick up the phone and he will be there the other side. He is very very approachable. He speaks to you in a very pleasant way all the time. I sometime wonder does he belong to this planet .... How can a person be so smiling and approachable when he is super tired even after 18 hours of work.

    I would engage Jack for all my future investment homes
    Apr 25, 2019
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    Mike Aloise
    Christina was a God send for me as I didn't have much time to prepare or do any research once I found out I would be relocating to Austin from Florida. I had talked to a couple realtors before I came across Christina that just seemed like they were doing a job. With Tina though, her energy and attitude was so liberating! Once I got connected with her I was able to go on auto-pilot and she took care of literally EVERYTHING other than signing docs!

    I don't know if other realtors in the area are as good as Tina but I cant wait to be able recommend someone else to use her to help buy a home!
    Apr 24, 2019
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    Jack helped me find my first home and was terrific . He is extremely responsive and insightful. He is unafraid to share his perspective and kept me on track to find the best possible home. He is diligent and knows the market well. He is also very patient - I changed my mind couple of times and he worked me through the changes. Highly recommend him. Look forward to working with him again.
    Apr 15, 2019
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    mchl bernstein
    I was moving to Austin from south Florida and first Christina helped me to find a temporary rental situation while I got to know the area. A few months later, she helped me to buy my first home in North Austin. Every part of both processes were great and Christina knows I will use her when it’s time to sell and move again. Very friendly, kind, passionate about her work, and always works hard/late. Thanks Christina!
    Apr 10, 2019

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